Quick Facts

All things pools, starting with the right fence

With over 10 PLUS years in the pool and building industry. Over 700 pool installs under OUR belt across. The team HAVE SEEN just about everything and hence bring a lot of experience. You will be working with QUALIFIED, licenced and insured team. This will provide you with clear and easy to understand terms. Therefore Our instructions and plans are easy. You can cost EFFECTIVELY meet your requirements for pool safety certification and compliance. We make it easier to sell your house with less issues.

If you are looking at planning a renovation or new pool area, we are experts in handling the project from start to finish. WE EMPLOY ONLY THE best performing trades so that we can give you a superior finished project. SO BEAUTIFUL THAT it could go on the cover of House and Home Magazine.

When dealing with pool compliance PLUS you will deal with the same person from start to finish. This helps keep the message clear and the end result exactly what you want with no misunderstandings.