The Pool Regulations For Spa And Home Owners

Are you a pool owner? Planning to get a new pool in your home or spa in South Australia? You must abide by these following safety regulations if you want to own one!

  • Pool drowning has been a common accidental death that has risen up over the last few years.
  • Infant deaths are particularly the prime victim of such mishaps.
  • These risks can be heavily reduced in your home or spa pool by installing the proper safety barriers.

So, what are these regulations that we are talking about? Read on to find out the pool regulations that you must follow in South Australia.


Are Hardcovers Allowed in Your Spa Pools?

Child-resistant hard covers are not allowed to be used in place of safety fencing barriers for two reasons:

  • Currently there are no regulatory standards developed for spa pool covers
  • Once the cover is off the spa pool there are no barriers to safeguard any infant.


Developing a New Pool and Spa

If you are planning to construct a new pool or fencing for your home or spa pool, you would require development approval. Your local council will verify these four issues:

  • The details and location of the safety barricades
  • Safety details of the pump
  • The overall adequacy of the structural support of the pool
  • The location where the cardiopulmonary resuscitation signage is placed


Pool Fencing Regulations in South Australia

Every swimming pool should have a safety barrier to restrict young children from accessing the pool without proper supervision. The fence should be built in such a way that young children cannot climb or craw under it. Here is how you should construct the fencing:

  • It should be at least 1.2m in height
  • The boundary should be at least 1.8 m in height on the side that your children faces the pool
  • There should be a 900mm non-climbable zone at the inner side of the fence to discourage climbing


Fencing Gates

  • The gates must swing outward from the pool
  • Can be self-closed from any position
  • A latching device should be fitted above 1.5m in height to keep it above the reach of the infants.


Pool Safety Maintenance

As a responsible owner you must make sure that all the required pool safety features are carried out in the right orders at all times. The gates should not prop open and must be closed using the latch every time is opened. No minor damages should be allowed to persist rather fixed as soon as possible, once detected. Contact a pool compliance service to guide you through the maintenance and repair works.


How to Conduct Child Supervision

Children can move rapidly and may not be aware of the underlying dangers of a swimming pool. A close supervision will be enough to help reduce the number of incidents related to drowning in private swimming pools.


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