Pool Fencing Laws South Australia – 6 FAQs That Every Pool Owners Have

pool fencing laws South Australia

If I Want to Purchase an Inflatable Pool, What Do I Have to Do?

If you are buying an above ground pool in South Australia that comes with a filtration system, you will need to gather pool legal documents and approval for the pool as well as ensuring that it has all the safety features in place.

My Aboveground Pool is 1.2 Metres in Height. So, Do I Still Need to Install Fences?

Some inflatable or aboveground pool side wall heights can be considered in the acceptable height range however, if you chose to rely on such type of pool, ensure that the entrance to it is fenced.

I Want to Develop A Pool. Do I Need Development Approval for It?

Yes. Prior to approval, your local council will inspect: > the subtleties and areas of safety (they should limit the access of little children to the pool) > the security of the pump installed (there are various precautionary measures that are needed to be taken to stop suction related injuries or drowning in pools) > the sufficiency of the supports available for the pool (especially if the pool is to be set on a deck, overhung or almost a holding divider)

I Want to Sell My House and I Have A Swimming Pool. What are My Legal Obligations?

By any chance, if your property contains a pool that was built before 1 July 1993 and you are putting your property available to be purchased you should guarantee that your pool barriers are in accordance with the pertinent prerequisites for pool fencing laws in South Australia. If not, the fencing should be redesigned to meet the security prerequisites. Note: This necessity just applies to pools manufactured or introduced before 1 July 1993. It is the duty of the owner trying to sell the property to guarantee that the pool security is in accordance with the current prerequisites. Note: A certificate of compliance isn’t needed under current enactment.

Can I Use Child-Resistant Doors as Part of the Safety Barriers for My Pool?

Child-resistant safe entryways can’t be utilised for new open air pools – only fencing system that complies with pool safety laws can be utilised. For pools before 1 July 1993 child resistant entryways must be utilised in circumstances permitted by Ministerial Building Standard MBS 004.

For How Long Can a Temporary Fencing Solution Be Used as a Safety Barrier?

According to the pool fencing laws in South Australia, It can be used for a maximum of 2 months from the date of completion of pool. The approved safety barrier should be installed before the expiration of the two months.