Pool Safety Facts You Need to Know – South Australia

pool safety facts South Australia

In recent times, the increase in accidental deaths to children due to drowning has made local administrations tighten the pool fencing regulations in South Australia. As an owner of a spa or swimming pool, your first concern is safety. Appropriate safety measures can reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring constant supervision of young children in and around the pool.

Pool Fencing Regulations

Do you have a swimming or spa pool in your backyard, and you are confused about the safety regulations? If yes, we will get you through the pool fencing regulations across all councils in South Australia.

All spa or swimming pools must have restricted access to young children through a continuous barrier or fence. Pool owners need to keep in mind the following at the time of fencing a pool:

  • The fence needs to act as an effective restriction
  • The fence should be permanent
  • Make sure that children cannot climb over or crawl under the fence
  • It should be at least 1.2 meters in height.
  • The Poolside height of the fence needs to be at least 1.8 meters with 900 millimetres of the zone, which is non-climbable from the top inside part of the fence
  • A boundary fence from the neighbour’s side may be climbable

In addition to the pool safety facts, the regulations for the gates leading to the pool area are:

  • The gates must be self-closing from any given position.
  • Gates should swing outward or away from the area of the pool.
  • A latching device must be present, which is to be fitted away from children’s reach and effectively at the height of 1.5 meters from the ground.

Pool Safety Compliance

The fencing and safety of any pool need to be compliant as per the standards mentioned by the local administration. Are you thinking about how to check if your pool is compliant with the safety standards? If so, our safety audit checks if the pool fencing and safety measures meet the local and State council requirements. If not, we provide cost-effective solutions to attain compliant safety standards.

Safety Checks

Pool compliance checks are carried out keeping in mind the year in which the pool was built. Accordingly, compliance with pool fencing regulations will follow either AS1926.1 1993 or AS1926.1 2012 requirements. Here are the safety checks we follow:

  • Closing of gate and latches present
  • A fence constructed according to the regulations
  • Boundary fencing is compliant
  • Preparing a report to fix any issues

So, you can give us a call to carry out a safety audit of your pool and make it compliant with the recent regulations in the most cost-effective ways.