You Must Consider These 6 Things When Getting a Swimming Pool Fencing

pool fencing laws South Australia

A safety fence is a must-have if you have a swimming pool and small children living in your home. But the fencing for the swimming pool doesn’t have to look terrible or austere. Instead, consider the following swimming pool fencing ideas to make them fit in as functional and aesthetically appealing.

Design Your New Pool with The Fencing in Mind 

If you plan to incorporate your pool abiding by pool fencing laws in South Australia, you will achieve better results. This will make it possible for you to select a fence that is well aligned with your landscape, the pool, and the rest of your property. A more attractive, cohesive look will be the end result.

Use Plants to Soften The Appearance of the Fence

You can still use plants and other landscaping features to lighten the look of the fence and to help integrate the fencing into your yard, even if you put a fence around an existing pool.

Aim for Added Security Features

Look for fences that come with additional safety features, such as self-latching gates or alarms. This will provide your pool with an extra form of security.

Opt for a Fence That Can be Easily Removed   

A removable wrought iron swimming pool fence can meet your new pool laws if you do not need or wish to install a permanent pool fence. The safety and protection that are necessary around a swimming pool is provided by a removable wrought iron fence, and it can be easily removed at the same time when it is no longer needed, so it does not permanently change the appearance of your backyard.

Consider Uncommon Materials for Your Fences

Since the establishment of new pool fencing laws in South Australia, wrought iron has become a popular choice, but it’s not your only option. By selecting a unique material, such as glass block, tempered glass, or a rock wall, you will make your pool area more visually appealing. If pool fencing laws exist where you live, though, make sure that whatever fencing material you select meets your local fencing requirements. For extra fencing ideas, you can look online or in landscape design books.

Take Measures to Avoid Damages

It will be exposed to water and contaminants because your fence will be close to your pool. This can weaken your fencing, so before that start, it’s necessary to take precautions to avoid rusting and other issues. To remove fears about rust, we suggest a vinyl fence. As these are susceptible to rot and will eventually need to be replaced, avoid wood fences. Choose one with a powder coating to avoid rust if you purchase a metal fence. Our powder coating at Allied Gate varies from conventional spray-on coatings in that it is environmentally friendly, more resistant to scratching, and lasts longer.

Pool Fencing Laws South Australia – 6 FAQs That Every Pool Owners Have

pool fencing laws South Australia

If I Want to Purchase an Inflatable Pool, What Do I Have to Do?

If you are buying an above ground pool in South Australia that comes with a filtration system, you will need to gather pool legal documents and approval for the pool as well as ensuring that it has all the safety features in place.

My Aboveground Pool is 1.2 Metres in Height. So, Do I Still Need to Install Fences?

Some inflatable or aboveground pool side wall heights can be considered in the acceptable height range however, if you chose to rely on such type of pool, ensure that the entrance to it is fenced.

I Want to Develop A Pool. Do I Need Development Approval for It?

Yes. Prior to approval, your local council will inspect: > the subtleties and areas of safety (they should limit the access of little children to the pool) > the security of the pump installed (there are various precautionary measures that are needed to be taken to stop suction related injuries or drowning in pools) > the sufficiency of the supports available for the pool (especially if the pool is to be set on a deck, overhung or almost a holding divider)

I Want to Sell My House and I Have A Swimming Pool. What are My Legal Obligations?

By any chance, if your property contains a pool that was built before 1 July 1993 and you are putting your property available to be purchased you should guarantee that your pool barriers are in accordance with the pertinent prerequisites for pool fencing laws in South Australia. If not, the fencing should be redesigned to meet the security prerequisites. Note: This necessity just applies to pools manufactured or introduced before 1 July 1993. It is the duty of the owner trying to sell the property to guarantee that the pool security is in accordance with the current prerequisites. Note: A certificate of compliance isn’t needed under current enactment.

Can I Use Child-Resistant Doors as Part of the Safety Barriers for My Pool?

Child-resistant safe entryways can’t be utilised for new open air pools – only fencing system that complies with pool safety laws can be utilised. For pools before 1 July 1993 child resistant entryways must be utilised in circumstances permitted by Ministerial Building Standard MBS 004.

For How Long Can a Temporary Fencing Solution Be Used as a Safety Barrier?

According to the pool fencing laws in South Australia, It can be used for a maximum of 2 months from the date of completion of pool. The approved safety barrier should be installed before the expiration of the two months.

How To Make Your Swimming Pool Fencing Laws Aesthetically Pleasing?

Who does not love having a pool at home? It offers plenty of opportunity for you to spend some quality leisure time with your friends and family. A Sunday morning, favourite people, good music, quality meat for your grill, local lager and cocktails and finally a pool to chill and relax upon. A perfect combination for a weekend spent well. However, the recent establishment of the pool safety rule means that your swimming pool needs to be surrounded by solid fences.

Pool fencing laws are mandatory – so is the look and feel of your pool

The fencing laws not only ensure a safe and secure zone for your offspring but is actually saving thousands of lives each year from unfortunate drowning and injuries. Which was a constant source of worry for every parent who could be forced to either abandon their pool all together or have them fined a hefty fee as well as forced to add the required fences, if they fail to comply with the pool fencing laws in South Australia.

However, adding fences to the pool may compromise the appeal of your backyard and pool zone. Many pool owners do not appreciate the idea of having the appeal of their property ruined as they may consider it to severely diminish its value and so abandon the idea of having a pool altogether.

Fortunately, the pool fencing industry are listening to your concerns and are producing stylish security options to address your aesthetic needs.

Amazing fencing solutions to transform your pool positively

Nowadays, you can find a wide varieties of fencing options including sleek steel barriers, panels of glass for fencing, sturdy and stylish aluminium panels, comprehensive Abris Piscine Hors Sol or simplistic mesh fences available in different colours and designs: to convert your backyard pool into a safe and stylish place to relax and enjoy.

So, not only do you sigh a breath of relief, knowing that the small children will be safe from any pool related mishaps, but also pass your pool fence inspections in South Australia in style.

Few necessary precautions that should be taken

Now each pool is different in shape, size and design. The owner has it build based on his/her lifestyle preferences. Although, it is mandatory to follow the safety rules, it can be pretty expensive to make it fully secured. So, we would recommend that you consult a professional in your locality to have your options checked.

However, you should not get carried away by only the aesthetic appeal that the fencing specialist provide. You need to consider the quality and longevity of the materials too. A low-quality material, bad design and careless installation can seriously dampen the security and appeal of your property. So, it is important to consult an expert who understands that and offer you with a custom swimming pool safety fence across South Australia that is stylish, requires low maintenance, is reliable and falls within your budget.

It is possible to have both safe and appealing pool

So, bid your concerns good bye! It is possible to find a system that is attractive and does a good job of protecting the pool from unwanted mishaps and visits from the authorities. Talk to an expert and get yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.